I share this post on the last day of the month rather than the first because I have been so wrapped up in the busyness of life. I returned back to work on the 2nd of Jan and since then it’s been go, go, go. For the first year in ages January hasn’t felt like it has dragged at all, if anything time is moving waaay to fast and I would like for her to slow down a bit please and thank yooou 🙂

It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘New Year hype’, with it at it’s peak for at least the first month. I’m going to be honest with you I started to feel my zealous ‘#2020Vision’ energy wear off by the 3rd week because I had so much going on both in and out of work so this post could not have come at a better time to reacquaint myself with my goals.
Thankfully (and well planned if I do say so myself) I have spent the last few days off work and out of the country on a much needed break.

This has given me the opportunity not only to rest but to also revisit my ‘5 Year Plan’ Vision Board I created back in December 2017. Rather than just focus on the year ahead, I set some long term goals that I wanted to achieve within the next then 5, now 3 years. Upon revisiting these goals I was actually amazed to see that half of them have already come into fruition 🙌🏾 and I trust that it won’t be long before the rest do too 🙏🏾

My 2019 goals were overall very financial focused, I wanted to boost my savings as well as develop my financial literacy in different areas such as pensions, investing, property etc. Before I share my short term goals for the year 2020 I will briefly review the main one I set myself for 2019.

No Clothes Shopping For A Year

I read this very insightful article at the start of the year and decided to set myself the same challenge (from February, because of course I wanted to take advantage of the bargains in the ZARA sale 😜). Prior to reading this, I had already deleted all the shopping apps off my phone as I wanted to get rid of the vices that aided my impulsive shopping habits. So a year later, how did I do?

Well… I didn’t not buy any clothes BUT I can proudly say that I made no more than 10 clothing purchases for myself the whole year. As a former shopaholic this is a MAJOR achievement for me *pats self on the back* 😇. Surprisingly, the challenge wasn’t actually that difficult, it was simply a case of ‘out of sight, out of mind’. I didn’t have instant access to the apps anymore so wasn’t tempted to browse the ‘new ins’. In addition to this, I was no longer based in Central London for work where there is a ZARA on every corner 🙈 as well as all the other retail spending tempters. Knowing the savings goal I had in mind and what I was saving towards helped me to keep on track.

Similar to the writer of the article, doing this challenge has completely changed the way I view material possessions. I realise that I used to shop for the thrill of it most of the time (retail therapy is real and feels good!) and not always out of necessity. As a result I still have alot of brand new, unworn items in my wardrobes 🤦🏿 that I will eventually get round to wearing… Safe to say I can (and will!) extend this challenge into this year too.

2020 Goals

Year of Yes

Reading Shonda Rhimes ‘Year of Yes‘ last year was really eye opening. Do you know you that the only person stopping you from being great and reaching your full potential is yourself? It wasn’t until I had this revelation that I truly clocked and understood the damaging impact of being my own enemy of progress. So this year, I, Vanessa, a secure introvert will say ‘YES’ to the things that scare me, make me nervous and take me out of my comfort zone.


Without sounding dramatic, since I turned 25 I have really started to f-e-e-l my age. I don’t do much any physical activity so I want to incorporate this into my lifestyle to keep my joints active. I desire to age gracefully without getting a rude awakening when I reach my 60s by Gods grace. My plan is to join my local park run, the first of which I will participate in tomorrow (providing it doesn’t rain!).


I’m really excited to get back into blogging again! I first launched this back in 2018 but I have decided to start from scratch. New Year, New Decade, New Me I am going to be more intentional with the type of posts I create/share. Previously, I felt a bit of pressure to create a posting schedule however, Quality>Quantity. My posts before were mainly fashion/style based but going forward I aim to have a variety of topics including life and travel. Stay tuned!

How is your 2020 going so far? Have you set any goals for the year? Are you still on track with them? I hope this post encourages you not to loose sight of your #2020Vision💫 and goals!

Peace & Joy,

herroyalstyleNess 🦋