27 On The 27th! 🥳

Today I celebrate my Golden 🌟 Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉

I never would have imagined I would spend my birthday, let alone an unspecified period of my life, in a nationwide “lockdown” due to a global pandemic which has swept across the majority of the entire world 😥. My mind is still coming to terms with it all and I will probably share some thoughts in a future post.

Despite all that is going on and the cancelled festivities, I had a relaxed, love-filled day 🥰. I give thanks to God for being able to celebrate my life and another milestone in good health 🙏🏾 because ultimately that’s what matters the most.

In the words of my big sis: “It doesn’t matter how we spend our special day just as long as you have people around always ready to celebrate you!” And I couldn’t agree more!

Prayers and cheers to Chapter 27! 🥂

Peace & Joy,

herroyalstyleNess 🦋

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