Dear 2020…

…”The evil you have done is enough”!

I’ve encouraged myself this week to reflect on the positives that have come out of this peculiar [insert your own adjective here: ______] year. 

So in saying that.. Dear 2020, I also say THANK YOU…

…Thank you for reminding me that life really does come at you fast!


I remember back in January, being in my hotel room with the news on in the background (the only Englisg speaking channel lol) and the cooooonstant reports of this “virus” that had plagued China. I remember not thinking much of it because it was ‘way over there’ and thinking that it would probably blow over (no pun intended) soon….. welp. 🙃.

…Thank you for reminding me not to be blissfully ignorant of events/situations but to have compassion always.

…Thank you for reminding me to practice gratitude more often than not.

…Thank you for the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and time to form closer connections with existing friends.

…Thank you for cutting the commute to work out of my day 🥳

Thank you for the moments of JOY! ❤💍🍼✈🇳🇬

Thank you for reminding me that I canNOT come and kill myself for anybody or anything.

Thank you for the reminder to SEIZE 👏🏾 THE 👏🏾 DAY 👏🏾

Most importantly, thank you GOD for keeping me (us!) to see the last day of this ‘unprecedented’ year where we have had numerous, unexpected tragic losses 💔

I’ve vowed to myself to carry my ‘#2020Vision’ 😅 energy** into 2021 (and beyond!) because the only way is forward please 🙏🏾 in other words: “We move!”

My word for the new year is: Strength for today, hope for tomorrow 🙏🏾

Wishing you all Happy New Year 🥳🥂


Peace & Joy (and Good Health!)

herroyalstyleNess 🦋

**turnt down just a notch because your girl is TI-YAD!